Personal Coaching

Powerful Living

Key Benefits
  • Love Your Life
  • Set and Acheive Goals
  • Gain Freedom to Express Yourself Fully
  • Disempower Fears
  • The End of Suffering

Coaching for Powerful Living begins with an inquiry -- a series of provocative questions to find the passions in your life.

Once some areas have been identified, the coach guide you in developing a plan for exploring your passions while developing confidence and emotional strength. Through coaching, you will develop the skills and tools necessary to generate continuing access to power.

Keys to Power

In Walden, Henry David Thoreau wrote "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation." His famous answer for this tragedy, of course, is to "simplify, simplify" one's life and following pursuits that add to the joy of life rather than just sustaining it.

While his intent seems clear, that simple desperation imperative is heard through our own life's story. Our practiced point of view--our personal truth--defines simplicity in ways that rob us of power or feel like deprivation. Our inner voice warns us when things are too simple. We often have a greater sense of safety when our lives are complex.

But our inner voice cannot tell fear from excitement. As we grow up, we give up our right to joy and wonder -- our right to passion -- in a futile attempt to avoid pain and sorrow.

There is another way. It is possible to question our truths and our world views, trimming away those that do not serve us.

Quality of Life

Key Benefits
  • Increased Spontaneity
  • Decreased Boredom
  • Increased Creativity
  • Fun with Failures and Successes
  • Effective Life Planning
  • Getting Quality Everyday

Coaching for Quality of Life is a systematic uncovering of patterns in your actions and thoughts that limit your feelings of power in the face of circumstance. Once uncovered, we will develop specific and tailored practices to break up those patterns. Following your plan develops your creativity in the face of life's challenges.

Creating Quality

Most people think about quality of life in terms of wealth or related matters of abundance in some area where they perceive scarcity to exist. In other words, most people pursue quality of life is if it were another possession to acquire or knowledge to learn.

Suppose, for a moment, that quality of life is an attitude. What if worry and dread where out of your life and each moment was a miracle to experience with joy and satisfaction?

We've all heard the platitudes -- "Stop and smell the roses" and "Enjoy each moment as it is your last" -- yet, we mostly live our lives in another saying: It's hard to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your neck in alligators.

It's possible to tame the alligators in life. You can even train them to drain the swamp for you.


Key Benefits
  • Effective Planning
  • Effective Execution!
  • Finding and Using Resources
  • Setting and Acheiving Goals
  • Building Confidence
  • Creating a Climate of Success
  • Winning the Game of Life

Coaching for Effectiveness is results oriented. Therefore, it begins with a detailed determination of what you want that you are not getting. Then a systematic practice is created to uncover the ways in which you undermine your effectiveness. You will develop detailed plans of action, take actions designed to achieve the desired results, assess progress and update the plans accordingly.

Effective Living

Whether it's saving money, getting promoted, or developing a new talent, learning to take effective, decisive actions to accomplish interim and long-term goals provides confidence and a sense of accomplishment that engenders further success.

Why aren't we as effective as we could be on projects or ambitions? For the most part, we have a lack of faith in our ability to make competent decisions ongoingly. It is a failure to develop a good plan of action or a failure to follow the plan or both.

Effectiveness is not about avoiding mistakes, it is about gaining and developing skills, finding and utilizing resources and working to a well developed plan.

Coaching can be the key to having your dreams come true.