Organizational Offerings

Team Building

Key Benefits
  • Increased Team Effectiveness
  • Increased Team Moral
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Practiced Skills in Creating Plans
  • Effective Communications within a Team

Team Building is the art and practice of focusing a small group of people on one goal as co-creators of the plan of action. Through coaching, a group creates structures that provide mutual support, resource sharing and skill building.

Why Teamwork?

We live in a competitive society. Whether in the work force, volunteer organization, team sports or, even, in one's neighborhood, competition seems the only game in town.

What if there were another game to play sometimes? One such game is teamwork. But how to leave competition at the door when joining or creating a team?

With the assistance of a coach, team members develop structures that promote cooperation, open communications and shared planning. Once the structures are in place, team productivity increases and individual job satisfaction is increased.

Leadership Training

Key Benefits
  • Increased Workplace Moral
  • Increased Personal Job Satisfaction
  • Reduced Workplace and Personal Stress
  • Increased Planning Skills
  • Effective Direction and Communication

In the Leadership Training workshop, individuals will develop their skills in team building; effective planning and direction; counseling for success and direct, effective communications.

Beyond "Boss"

Leadership is a set of skills that facilitate a powerful sense of community and a common sense of purpose. Leaders are those who encourage, support, train and develop future leaders.

In this workshop, participants will practice interactions that bring out the best in others, facilitate a sense of belonging and engender loyalty.

Organizational Structuring

Key Benefits
  • Operating with compliance
  • Effective personnel management
  • Effective staff training
  • Causing organizational leaders
  • Maintaining organizational focus
  • Rapid response to new circumstances

Working with your coach, coordinated structural plans are developed that cover all aspects of the "doings" of an organization. The plans typically include processes for updating accommodate shifting needs.

Working with Integrity

One definition of "integrity" is "the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness" from the Merriam-Webster. It is functionally impossible to operate effectively without integrity. A well designed set of structures serve as the foundational road map of an organization. The structures will provide the tools to answer the questions: A) Where are we at?; B) Where are we going? and C) How do we get there?

Customized Formats


Presentations are 30 minutes to two hours long. A presentation can provide anything from coaching in overcoming a specific obstacle to an overview of the benefits of ongoing coaching in any offered areas.


Seminars are two to four hours for each session and 4 or more sessions. Usually, a seminar covers in detail one aspect of planning, directing, communicating or team building. Seminars include specific exercises that disrupt specific ineffective behaviors. For extended practice, participants may elect to retain a coach or request a workshop format.


Workshops are a full day or longer. Workshops are experiential and are designed to provide practice in any interaction skill set. Workshops are excellent for breaking up patterns of shyness, fear of public speaking or other ineffective behaviors.

Coaching can be the key to having your dreams come true.