Family Coaching

Living in Partnership

Key Benefits
  • Mutual Support
  • Effective Communications
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Personal Growth and Acheivement
  • Communicating Love
  • Family Teamwork
  • Defined Responsibilities

Coaching for Living in Partnership is primarily skill-building. Within the coaching framework, families find creative ways to support individual members while providing for family unity and strength.

What is Partnership

What is partnership in a family? To begin, one must determine what is meant by "family." It is more than a division of responsibilities or sharing of chores. Within a family, individuals -- adults and children -- will each have their own interests and aspirations.

Partnership is the structure that provides support for individual interests while maintaining the integrity of the family. It is learning to balance the emotional accounts while creating a wealth of love, generosity and nurturing.

No matter how you define family, the principles of mutual support, love and acceptance deepen the family bonds while providing a source of courage and inspiration that lead to exciting, fulfilling lives.

Creating Love

Key Benefits
  • Increasing Empathy
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Effective Anger Management
  • Structures for Solutions
  • Freedom through agreement
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Creating a Future

This series of coach-directed exercises builds empathy and intimacy among family members, strengthens communications skills and creates coachability agreements between family members. Participants learn how to operate in the best interest of the family as a whole while providing the largest degree of personal freedom possible.

Love is Freedom

It is human nature to believe we know those we are close to. The truth is that, over time, people change but our assumptions about who they are do not. Sometimes this is called "drifting apart."

Also, as much as we want to fully trust the people in our lives, they are not perfect. They will say and do things that damage, or, at least, dent our trust. These small incidents accumulate over time and will strangle our love for them.

In order to generate love in our lives, we need skills to sweep away our assumptions, satisfy our doubts and forgive our hurts. Through coaching, family members are heard and seen afresh, families develop structures for communicating upset. Family members create and agree to family coaching agreements.

Families of all adults or adults and children create tighter bonds of mutual support, generous listening, trusting intimacy and love.

Fulfilling Dreams

Key Benefits
  • Establishing Family Goals
  • Creating Family Support for Personal Goals
  • Encouraging Emotional Exploration
  • Encouraging Powerful Living
  • Dreaming Big and Winning Big

Dream Fulfillment coaching is designed to create success in the pursuit of a life's dream whether it be the dream of one person or the shared dream of life partners. Through coaching, a client creates a Dream Fulfillment Plan with effective support structures.

It's Easier Together

Often we let our day to day circumstances overwhelm our long term goals. We dismiss these as anomalies. Add them all up, however, and we find we are making little progress on our dreams. After some time of little or no progress, we are apt to declare a failure and give up on our dreams.

Development of an effective long term plan with support and warning structures in place, however, can provide evidence that one can reach out and grab the stars. Life partners are trained in effective coaching to keep each other on track to succeed.

Do you have an impossible dream? It doesn't take a magic wand to have your dreams come true.

Coaching can be the key to having your dreams come true.