Coaching for
Powerful Living

Experience Life With Joy and Wonder

Is something missing in your life? Are you working hard but not reaching your goals? Have you given up on your dreams? Frustrated, resigned, cynical or disappointed with life? Do you feel plagued by setbacks?

As very young children we are filled with excitement and joy. We love exploration, learning, accomplishing, dreaming and playing. We are not driven by either/or world views. More importantly, we express ourselves freely.

As we grow, we beginning adjusting to the expectations of family, community and society. However, most of us learn to fit in by trial and error adaptation to what we believe is expected of us. We suppress playfulness and excitement to settle for what we perceive to be the best we can have under the circumstances. Our lives are usually pretty good and sometimes wonderful though we tightly regulate our expressiveness. If that sounds like your life, your family's circumstance, or the moral-killing status of your organization and you want freedom again, it is time to shift your world view and take different and effective actions.

Create a powerful purpose for your life. Use your unique talents and abilities to regain your birthright for love, passion, joy and fulfillment. Add your voice to the network of conversations.

Coaching may be the key to having your dreams come true.

What is Coaching?

First, coaching is not therapy. That said, some members in the network may be licensed mental health practitioners. If so, it will be clearly stated in their biography.

A coach does not diagnose or treat. If your circumstances include conditions that are best handled under the supervision of licensed therapists, coaching may not be a suitable path for you at this time. However, if you are simply coping with the ups and downs of life or find yourself in a rut and want a new approach, coaching may be for you. Read about our common offerings the categories listed in the menu. If you don't see a good fit for your needs, we will work with you to craft a plan that does fit.

Secondly, coaching is a partnership. It is a system by which a client examines their life in partnership with a trained observer. Coaching can provide you with the support necessary to create and fulfill on your dreams. Coaching provides specific training and practices that assist you in creating the course of your life, developing a plan to fulfill on your dreams and to develop the skills necessary to remain in action regardless of changes in circumstances.

Coaching agreements are designed in collaboration with the client. The appropriate program is crafted to provide the greatest value and the specific results desired by the client. The key to success is to be coachable. The coach assists in developing a plan of action. It is up to the client to take the actions.

Position and Commitment Statement

Whether we interact or not with our neighbors and communities, our lives alter the lives around us. Our circumstances affect the circumstances of others. What we create for ourselves and the actions we take have influence throughout our social groups, communities and society. Having our dreams come true is a direct result of taking full responsibility for the actions we take and what we create in the world.

We can impact how we influence the lives of countless others by creating our lives such that we are fulfilled and inspired every day. When we are inspired and inspiring those around us, we create a context that calls for adventure, excitement and fulfillment. Our natural self-expression reemerges.

The Be The Change Coaching network is committed to empowering individuals and families to create lives worth living, and to empower the people in organizations to contribute meaningfully to organizational success.